Back to School with ATS: Thursday

Thursday's are for fashion killers. 

I don't know about you but when I was in school, Thursday's were GUARANTEED to be one of the most popular days of the week! From Fried Chicken Thursday's in the main cafeteria, to the pizza place down the street hosting karaoke, to going out that night, Thursday was literally Friday Jr., so we had to dress the part!  

I never ever scheduled classes on Friday, so technically, my last day of class was Thursday every week, which is why my favorite outfits of this entire collection are featured today! 

Giani and I both knew that we wanted to have an edgy look for the week, and when I say America's Thrift Store delivered, I mean JUST THAT! I found an entire polkadot outfit - and no, it's not a set! The items were In two different sections of the store!

#ThriftHack: When shopping, be thinking about which items you can match up! You might hit a home run while mixing and matching fabrics!

I went home and added some added fringe to the sleeves of my shirt for some extra drama, and I instantly fell in love with the entire outfit! 

#ThriftHack: The purse section of any thrift store is an often overlooked section, but there are so many gems to be found - like this fringe cross body bag that I have been carrying everyday since the shoot! 

BONUS: The booties that I'm wearing are Michael Kors, and I got them for FREE! They were a gift from my boyfriend's mom! Don't be afraid to go shopping in other's closets (within reason)! You never know what designer goodies they may not wear anymore! My mom and I exchange clothes and shoes all the time!

Giani scored his fringe biker jacket on a previous thrift excursion and it instantly makes him the talk of any room he steps in! 

So how much did this entire outfit? Surprisingly, less than the other looks from this week! 

Polkadot Button-down - $2.99 

Polkadot Pants - $1.99

Fringe Bag - $4.99

Booties - FREE (Michael Kors, shop similar)

Fringe - $2.79/yard (Hobby Lobby)

Special thanks to the team! Photographer: Kirk Jordan & MUA: Joy or #DANGSHAWTYBEAT!

There's one more day, see you tomorrow! Enjoy the gallery below!