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Five Ways I’m Breaking My Addiction to my Cell Phone

Krystal Turner4 Comments
Five Ways I’m Breaking My Addiction to my Cell Phone

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When I wake up. *Check Phone*

When I go to sleep. *Check Phone*

When I’m bored. *Check Phone*

When I’m busy. *Check Phone*

When I’m lonely. *Check Phone*

When I’m in a room full of people. *Check Phone*

I’m addicted to my cell phone. The first step is admittance, right?

Well, I’m finally over not being able to put down my phone and being present in the real world, so I’m changing some of my habits!

After I watched this video, it made my bad habits so clear to me! If you have time, watch it, it could open your eyes and explain why you do some of the things you do too!

Sometimes, it’s as easy as just putting your phone down, however for me, I had to change some other habits that I had to see a change in my phone usage!

1. Use Social Media as a Creative- NOT as a Consumer

Vic Styles told me this. When she first said it, I said “Ooooh, that’s deep,” and proceeded to write it down, but it served as just another piece of amazing advice I’ve gotten in my life that I never used, until recently.

Once I realized that I was spending HOURS A DAY liking pictures, comment creeping, and clicking from profile to profile to end up on an Australian hand model’s page, I knew that I had to #ReclaimMyTime!

Vic went on to elaborate on what she meant by using social media as a creative by saying that she gets on social media to post, stay on trend, and interact with her followers. She also only follows people who post content that she WANTS to see! Soooo, this means that a lot of people from high school are about to get unfollowed, sorry guys.

 PRO TIP: TURN OFF ALL YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA NOTIFICATIONS!!! Get rid of the temptation to check all together!

2. Do Not Disturb

I’ve always been paranoid about the “Do Not Disturb” feature. What if I missed an important call or text message?

SIDEBAR: No text message is important. If it’s urgent, they’ll call.

What helped me get over my paranoia was actually researching and digging through my settings! Here’s some things about DND that you may not know:

  • Your “Favorites” list calls and texts will still come through normally.
  • If someone who isn’t on that list calls twice in a row, the call will come through the second time.
  • The notification can still pop up on your home screen - just with no alert.
  • You can put certain people/message threads on DND.
  • You can automate your DND feature (example 10pm-7am, your phone will automatically switch the feature on)

Keeping all of this in mind, my little moon is on more often these days!

Alternative Solution: Put your phone on silent, or vibrate.

3. Mute/Delete GroupMe’s

Go through your GMs…how many are from old classes? Or old groups of friends you don’t talk to anymore? What about party GMs?

If you see any old GMs that could be taking up space, delete them, or leave the group!

Also, if there are GMs that you’re in, that you want to stay in, but they talk ALL DAY AND NIGHT (we all have that one), just mute them!

If that’s not enough, turn off all GM notifications off in your settings.

4. Placing My Phone Face Down

We all know that feeling of excitement that comes over you when your phone lights up!

It didn’t matter if my phone was across the room, I was jumping up, just to see what the notification was, just to find that it was just an email, or someone I didn’t really want to talk to!

Now, I keep my phone face down, it cuts down on the anticipation of my screen lighting up and helps to eliminate the temptation of always checking my phone. 

5. Leave My Phone in the Car (or in my Purse)

I can’t count the amount of times someone has looked at me and said, “Are you gonna get off your phone?”

When I think back on it, it makes me sad to think about all the REAL LIFE memories I missed out on because I was buried in my phone, or how many times I wanted to sing along at a concert, but couldn’t because I was trying to record a good video to post on social media.

That's crazy to think about- we miss the real memory to have a recorded version of the memory with no real sentiment attached to the video! 

These days, I’m leaving my phone a lot more often these days and just enjoying….life.

Do you have any suggestions to break a phone addiction? Drop them in the comments below!

xoxo, Kryss