The Biggest Lessons I've Learned Since Becoming A Parent

The Biggest Lessons I've Learned Since Becoming A Parent

First things first, hello again, it’s been a while. How are you?

Me? Well, I was busy… you know, growing a person & then having to take care of that little person!

Whew chill-ayyyy, it’s been a JOURNEY!

I’ve listed some of my biggest lessons below!

If words aren’t your thing, there’s a gallery below that will quickly fill you in, and yes, I included the ugly delivery room pictures too!

  1. You lose yourself for a minute.

    This part happened in stages. Before I gave birth, and then again afterwards because I was so focused on taking care of my new addition that I wasn’t taking care of myself.

    I’ll be the first to admit; I needed to lose myself. I was a hot mess. The old me needed to be kicked to the curb. I could write a whole post about how I lost & unhappy I was around the time I found out I was going to become a mom. I was a hot mess. Oh, I already said that.

    Even though I had the career, friends, and lifestyle I thought I wanted, on the inside I was starting to feel empty because I overexerted myself and forgot what was most important in life.

  2. You find (a better version of) yourself again.

    Not to be cliche, but having a child really does give you a whole new outlook on life. It’s tooootally different *Haha Davis voice. I moved, gave up my job, and went into a cocoon to prepare myself for the arrival of my baby girl. During that process & even after she got here, I was able to get back to the person I wanted to be, only now with a stronger fight in me. I have even more motivation now because I know she’s looking up to me.


    I was raised in the church & I’ve known God my entire life, but to see first hand the way He designed us, and the way He molds every single human being individually was a blessing.

    I know that Kennedy was made just for me. She’s everything I prayed for and more and she’s a daily reminder of how much God loves us and wants us to love others.

  4. Everyone has an opinion.




    From what you eat during pregnancy, to your birth plan, to what to name the baby, what to feed the baby, etc., EVERYONE has an opinion.
    For a while I let it get to me, and it honestly ruined a few days for me. However, I had to realize that my baby was all MINE (& of course her dad’s), and as long as he and I are on the same page, only our opinions matter.

  5. Not everyone is your friend.

    Disclaimer: I’m not a Bitter Betty by any means. I have been blessed with a tribe that is UNMATCHED.

    Before I announced my pregnancy I had TOOONS of people who I would consider friends! We worked together, hung out together, made money together…

    And then I got pregnant.

    And I haven’t heard from some of my “friends” in a year.

    I was more “useful” to a lot of people before I had Kennedy. But the irony is that I’m 1000x more useful now than I ever was before.

    Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

  6. It’s okay to let go.

    Let go of that man. Let go of that woman. Let go of that job. Let go of that city. Let go of that friend. Let go of that bad wig. Just LET GO!

    I typically don’t do things that make me feel uneasy. I like veeeery low margins of error, that’s just how I’ve always been. I don’t even ride roller coasters.

    Seeing Kennedy trying to walk now, when she gets confident…she LETS GO. It’s an amazing thing to see. She’s not gonna make it longer than 3 seconds, but she still lets go every time, it’s amazing.

  7. It is possible to grow a little bit each day.

    If you see a baby on Monday, and don’t see them again until Friday, it will blow your mind how quickly they grow!

    Growth doesn’t happen all at once, it’s possible to take small steps and before you know it, time goes by and you went from crawling to walking.

  8. It’s important to take care of yourself.

    Health is wealth.

    I want to be around not only for my kids, but my kids’ kids.

    Even deeper than that, being a parent takes a toll on you. Getting no sleep is REAL. Not having the energy to cook, clean, do laundry, go to the store, or even check on your significant other, is REAL.

    It’s so easy to lose yourself (see #1), that’s why taking care of yourself is so important!

  9. You have a ton of bad habits…and they pick up on them.

    The second Kennedy does something that’s less than favorable, I can immediately pinpoint who she’s mimicking! It’s the craziest thing!

    It made me check myself and the way that I move, not just around her, but everywhere…because she’s always watching!

  10. You’re not missing anything.

    I know that sometimes "young people with kids” get a wrap for being boring or being held down, and there are some truths to that. At the same time, you’re only as limited as you want to be.

    I had a fear of slowing down, but it’s honestly been the best thing for me! I thought I would miss certain things, but I have yet to yearn to be everywhere all the time like I used to be, and I like it like that!