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How I'm #ReclaimingMyTime for the Rest of 2017

Krystal Turner6 Comments
How I'm #ReclaimingMyTime for the Rest of 2017
reclaiming my time

Thank you to Suburban Creative for these awesome photos!

We planned this shoot an hour before it happened without actually even knowing each other, so it's safe to say that procrastination wins again! Check him out at the link above & book with him, he's awesome! 

Accessories from: Mode Pink Boutique (They're having a sale right now too)!

1. Help with Cleanup in Houston

I was born in Houston and I have a lot of people I love there, so my first goal is to get there to help with rebuilding and clean up! The city is so close to my heart, and to be honest, I don’t trust giving my hard earned money to large organizations.

If you want to come with me – let me know, email be!

2. Be Less Available.

In general, I make myself TOO available to everyone!

This includes last minute meetings, text messages and phone calls at 11:00pm, GroupMe messages 24/7, DMs about NOTHING, and the list goes on & on.

As a natural born “fixer”, I also allow other to dump their stress on me and I always find a way to solve their problems. However, it's causing me to become a negative person, and I really hate that.


Starting in September, I’m doing one free thing a month- ONLY ONE.

I’ve helped so many other make money, whether that’s by promoting events for them, hosting for free, booking artists for them, or giving TONS of free advice… and that time is over. At a certain point, it's not about exposure, it's about knowing your worth. 

I love helping people so much, but too many people take advantage & I’ve been worn down to almost nothing. I have even let others suck the passion out of what I love to do.

This also encompasses fully branding myself and my talents. I have to SHOW that I'm worth the money. I'll be creating media kits, and updating the blog even more! 

DISCLAIMER: I have worked with so many amazing individuals, that have done so many amazing things for me to help me get to where I want to go & this applies to NONE of the genuine people in my life.

4. Save Money + Build Credit Score

I know this is an obvious one, but I’ve become addicted to checking my bank accounts and my Credit Karma app. I’m not gonna let y’all know what my score is (it’s TOO LOW for my comfort), but I’m dedicated to making it higher soon!

The hardest part will be to stop going out to eat all the time!

Do you have any advice for me on how to save more money? Drop it in the comments! 


5. Buy a Business License

So I can get this LEGIT schmoney!

*Cardi B voice* 

One of my goals is to own at least 5 businesses, so this is the first step! 

Fun Fact: I don’t anyone to know that I’m the owner of any of the businesses I start!

6. Start a Stocks Class

You can’t REALLY be a boss without a stock portfolio, and with the age of the internet, why should I pay for someone else to teach me?! 

I'm in this amazing program called the Live Richer Academy that gives you access to so many educational courses! If you're into self-learning like I am, you should look into it! 


7. Move

I don’t wanna jinx it, and I don't have all the details yet - but just know that I’m leaving Birmingham.

8. Get a Passport

This is already in motion!

For my boyfriend’s birthday in October, I’m taking him to get our passports! Anyone can  buy shoes, or a new MK watch, but a passport is something that lasts and can actually impact someone’s life!

BONUS: I got our adorable passport covers from Dot Life, which is a black girl owned business -shop here!

9. Build Stronger Family Relationships

You can't really be the best you without having great family relationships, so I'll be working on fixing some broken relationships I have in my life, friendships included.

I’ll elaborate in another post, at another date I’m sure!

Praying Hands

10. Drink More Water

...because what’s a goals list without this one?! 

xoxo, Kryss