Sleepover: Summer Edition Recap

Sleepover: Summer Edition Recap

Anotha one.

“Wild Thoughts” instantly plays in my mind

Sleepover is the type of event that takes all my energy during preparation (shoutout to Rebecca, the REAL mastermind behind Sleepover), and then give it all back the night of the event!

The level of magic was incredibly high! I’m so happy to be a part of such an awesome team that gives women a platform to be their genuine selves. The Sleepover Summer Edition put so many people on alert that women are here & we will make a stage for ourselves if no one will give it to us! Thank you to everyone who came out to support, including all the MEN who came to celebrate us as well! 

Check out the Summer line up’s personal pages, and follow them to keep up with all their magic:


Gina T

Kenya Latrice

Love Moor

Jovani Occomy


You can find the entire gallery here on the Sleepover Media official Facebook! Here are some of my favorite shots courtesy of David Smith!