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Back & Forth: Was the 90's Really Better?

Krystal Turner4 Comments
Back & Forth: Was the 90's Really Better?

Photography: The Great Curtis Carrington. | Outfit: Thrown together by yours truly.

I am a true 90's baby.

I watched Doug. I attended McDonald’s birthday parties. Alldat.

Now, in my 20’s I’ve found myself almost obsessed with that era. The way “black-love” was portrayed in so many movies, the music, the fashion, all of it.

But, was it really a better time to be alive? *Shoutout to Drake & Future* Let’s break it down and see. 

The President

C’monnnn son.

We traded in a cool white president for an even cooler BLACK president, who doesn’t cheat on his wife. That’s #RelationshipGoals.

Speaking of, is anyone else slightly depressed that this is Barack’s last couple weeks in office?  

*Sheds thug tears*

The Internet

Wait, there was a time when the internet didn't exist? 

How did people survive? I'm still trying to figure out how I survived without a front-facing camera. 

Although I miss playing solitaire all day, everyday, I do not miss dial-up internet and my mom making me log-off to use the house phone -my goodness, I haven't had a house phone in forever. 

Thank goodness for Steve Jobs. Oh, he didn't invent the internet? Ah. Moving on.


TV & Movies

Now, I have no arguments here. Martin, Friday, and The Lion King have all single-handedly changed my life.

It's also safe to say that Love & Hip Hop hasn't made anyone a better person, shoutout to Cardi B though.

We could all talk for days about how much greater cartoons were during this period in time. I don’t even think Disney makes that many cartoons anymore…because hey, you can’t send a cartoon on tour. And if it don't make money, it don't make sense. 

But I would be remiss to not mention that we do have really great shows and movies now. Helloooo we have “Straight Outta Compton." Oh... that was based in the 80’s and 90’s? Ah. Moving on.



One question. Would rather have micro-braid-wearing Beyoncé from Destiny’s Child or the older, thicker, Formation-singing, Queen Bey? I’ll wait.

Music from this era was better at times, I will admit. I can go on and on about the love songs, they were absolutely beautiful. I also love a good boy band, but now, it would never work.  We laugh at groups and bands! Remember when Day 26 tried to make boy bands a thing again? What about Pretty Ricky?

Okay...Pretty Ricky can stay. 

When it comes to rap, we obviously idolize Biggie and Pac because of their untimely deaths, but was their music really better? Could they go toe-to-toe with Cole or Kendrick? I’ll leave that one up to you “rap heads,” I’m just asking a question!

Is hip-hop dead in the new millennium? When rappers have purple hair and beads, maybe so.

I bet Britney Spears wishes it was still the 90’s. 


It was the best. Hands down. End of story.

I’m just happy that overalls made a comeback, it’s a top and bottom all-in-one, that’s genius!

But seriously, the 90's style is unmatched in my eyes, thank goodness for thrift stores and my mom’s closet. We are constantly trying to recreate these looks, and I’m completely okay with that! However, I’m glad we got past the whole “brands all over my body” phase.

BUUUUT Mary Kate and Ashley though? Iconic. Honestly, truly.  

Overall, I think we 90's babies have an affinity with that time period because we were kids! We had nothing better to do but sing Backstreet Boys and wear matching sweat suits. 

According to my mom, we didn't miss out on anything in the 90's. And my mom is always right. 

xoxo, Kryss