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Mad Hatters | Vol. 1

Krystal TurnerComment
Mad Hatters | Vol. 1

Hats. They're not just for bad-hair-days anymore.

This booming accessory is killing the game, and covering edges all around the world, but if I'm going to shop anywhere, it may as well be with the talented people in my city. 

The designs featured are by brands in my city (with one exception - but Atlanta is basically down the street), and most were created by people I have personally met. It doesn't get more local than that. 

With the amazing talents of photographer TeeJ Garner of #LivingProof, and the help of my little brother with his signature "look off in the distance" poses, this is Mad Hatters, Vol 1. 

This look features "Beyond Bold" & the details are below!

Birmingham Barons

Michael Jordan is somewhere flexed up with an old Barons jersey on. 

There is no better way to support Birmingham's (only) sport's team, than to stop in their gift shop at Region's Field, and pick up your piece of Baron's pride gear! 

Not to mention they have 50 cent hot dogs at games on Tuesdays, fireworks on Fridays, and the atmosphere is really amazing! 

I love this hat because the "B" can represent either the team, and the city I love so much! 

Shop the look:

Hat - Birmingham Barons | Franchise Hat

Camouflage T-Shirt   - Shop Similar

Broken Dreams Clothing

I love when friends can make money and make dreams come true together!

Broken Dreams Clothing was started in 2012 by four young talented designers and friends. When asked about their motivation for starting their brand, their answer was, "Growing up in Birmingham, we realized that most of our community didn't have the courage to pursue their passions and dreams. Broken Dreams represents breaking down those barriers and not limiting yourself. Our brand represents faith, dedication, and success."

You can't be mad at that! You also can't ignore how dope their designs are, their designs have been spotted in magazines and on the sidelines of major sporting events! 

You can shop this look below!

Hat - Broken Dreams | Black Rose Trucker Hat

Camo Joggers - Forever 21 | Shop Similar

Choker - DIY | Shop Similar  

Watch - Gift | Shop Similar

Hoops - Rainbow | Shop Similar

Rings - Rainbow | Shop Similar

Plaid Shirt - Thrifted | Shop Similar  

Beyond Bold

Have you ever really had something custom made just for you? Beyond Bold specializes in being different!

First, why did TeeJ pick the picture with my signature "I'm a brat" face to edit?

Second, let me tell you about Sielandra Powell. I first came across her a few years ago at a fashion show, naturally. She had these crazy hand painted pieces of clothing that looked like they belonged in the Birmingham Museum of Art. Since then, anytime I've needed a designer for anything, she's game! She stays up late, wakes up early - I know this from SnapChat - covered in paint, constantly creating new masterpieces. 

She has hit a home run with her hand painted trucker hats. 

Sielandra wants everyone to know," BEYOND BOLD is about challenging people to be bold be different! It's all about having confidence in yourself, Don't be afraid to wear something because you scared of what others may think or say about you, style is knowing who you are not giving a care! BE BOLD BE DIFFERENT!"

Shop the Look:

Hat  - Beyond Bold | Savage Trucker Hat (or place an order with Sielandra directly - (205)243-7786)

Crop Top - Forever 21 | Shop Similar

Jeans - Thrifted & DIY | Shop Similar

Slides -  Nike

God Is Dope

...YES HE IS! *praise hands emoji* 

I came across this brand in Atlanta when I was on a campus visit to Clark Atlanta University. My friend Victoria and I walked by a young man in a hoodie who was trying to hand us something - we INSTANTLY knew it was his mixtape - but it was a card that said "God is Dope." 

How can you not stop dead in your tracks for a message like that? We immediately went back to the tent they had set up and bought apparel, which they blessed us with a discount on! You can check out my hoodie here.

A few months later I was out and about in Atlanta, and I ran into them again! This time they had a store front, aint God good! I couldn't resist buying more things, including this hat. 

I love everything they stand for, and wish them all the success in the world, you can shop this hat below!

Hat - God Is Dope | Just God Dad Hat

Stay Woke Apparel 

The college hustle is real, especially for University of Alabama student, Austin Brown!

This month Austin celebrated one year in business with his company, Stay Woke Apparel.  In just one year, he's sold over 400 units, including a few celebrity purchases, that's huge! I met Austin briefly at an event and instantly had to support, if you know me, then you know I am all about supporting a dream! 

When asked about what it means to "Stay Woke," Austin says, "[it] means people knowing not to sleep on your capabilities, dreams, and aspirations." Thats deep - I love it!

Continued success to this young entrepreneur who is blazing the way for others everyday! 

Shop The look below:

Hat - Stay Woke Apparel | Black Stay Woke Cap