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A (Thrifty) Christmas Story | Part 2

Krystal Turner1 Comment
A (Thrifty) Christmas Story | Part 2

I get it. 

You hate thrifting. 

I've heard it all before. "The clothes are dirty." "It takes up too much time." "Thrift stores are unorganized." Blab, blah, blah. 

You may have had horrible thrift experiences in the past, but myself, America's Thrift Stores, and  some blogger babes I know are on a mission to change your mind! 

During the holiday season, I barely have coins to get all the gifts I want to give others, let alone buy things for myself, so thrifting is an ideal way for me to look fly on a budget!

I'm taking a cue from Christena's post this week (see here), and I'm giving you "thrift-haters" some major keys to unlock the thrift vault!  

Key #1:

Choose Stores Wisely

With so many thrift stores popping up, it's important to choose the right store for you!

If chaos isn't your thing - I would highly recommend a chain thrift store that has multiple locations *cough cough* like America's Thrift Store.

These stores are masters at what they do and have set up their stores similar to department stores, complete with sections, displays, and fitting rooms. America's Thrift even has new merchandise and furniture!

  All of your nightmares of sifting through thousands of items just to find one possible match have been eliminated.

The FABBBB crushed velvet dress was   $3.99 ,  which is a complete steal! 

The FABBBB crushed velvet dress was $3.99which is a complete steal! 

Key #2:

Think  Outside of the Box

Y'all might see an outfit repeat from me, because I am wearing this velvet dress on NYE again (sue me), and I found it in the lingerie section! 

While thrifting, you can find gems in the men's section, the children's section, and the accessories section! That's the beauty of a thrift store - things get mixed up, and it makes each discovery so much more special! 

Christena's velvet dress was only  $6.99  & her blazer was only  $5.99!

Christena's velvet dress was only $6.99 & her blazer was only $5.99!

Key #3:

Have A Plan

I always hear, "thrift shopping takes too much time" and I have to agree with you on that! 

Shocker, right?

However, I will say that many times, people go in to thrift stores with NO plan and expect for things to jump out at them. If that's the case, you will be drowning in secondhand threads all day long. 

Here's a few tips to cut down your search time:

  1. Know what you're looking for - When I thrift, I make sure I only search for what I need. Recently, my searches have been denim, sweaters, and holiday outfits!
  2. Set a time limit for yourself - I have to set limits for myself or else I'll keep searching for hours. I'm addicted, seriously.
  3. Search for savings - Most thrift stores have "colors-of-the-day," so be on the look for only the tag colors that are discounted, you will surely cut down your time!  
Meagan scored her velvet dress for only     $7.99 !

Meagan scored her velvet dress for only $7.99!

Now, to thank the crew.

Blogger Babes: 

Christena Melea | IG: @ChristenaMelea

Meagan Williams | IG: @EclecticMeagan

Makeup Extraordinaire:

Joy Krystal | IG: @DangShawtyBeat

The BOMB Photographer: 

Kirk Jordan | @_KirkTheGreat