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A (Thrifty) Christmas Story | Part 1

Krystal Turner1 Comment
A (Thrifty) Christmas Story | Part 1

I'll admit it. I'm Cheap.

Well - when it comes to fashion at times. 

I change what I like every two weeks, so when I discovered thrifting, my life changed - and my pockets thanked me! 

This holiday season I've partnered with America's Thrift Store , and my blogger sisters Eclectic Meagan & Christena Melea to show you how easy it is to look fly without spending all of your jingle bells!

Would you believe that we spent under $20 for these looks? I'm serious. Only $20. 

Sit back and watch the thrift queens work! 

Santa Baby

I found this adorable Santa inspired top for only $2.99

It was in a section that you might not expect.

#ThriftHack: ALWAYS check the lingerie section! There are so many gems - after you sift through all the beige bra and panty sets. 

I paired my top with black pleather (who has money for real leather?!) leggings, suede boots, a DIY choker (made out of an old shoe strap), and I was out the door!

Plaid Playground

Christena's black fleece vest-turned-dress was only $7.99!

She's the QUEEN of accessories, and brought this massive scarf to really set off her entire look, and who could forget about the thigh-high boot trend? I love these boots!

Lastly, peep the choker -  another trend that hope never goes away! 

Reindeer Games

When I stumbled across this jumpsuit, I knew it was perfect for Meagan! She has the perfect frame for outfits like this! 

Not to mention, it fit right into our budget at only $5.99 - you can't beat that! 

Meagan is also a master of accessorizing, so it's no surprise that she perfectly matched the jumpsuit with nude sandals, a watch and hoops! She upgraded the look without taking away from the pattern of the jumpsuit, you go girl!  

This is a three-part series, so be on the lookout for thrifty looks all week! 

Also, make sure you visit these ladies blogs this week; they'll share their own spin on our shopping spree! 

Special thanks to the following dope people: 

Kirk Jordan - Photographer Extraordinaire

Joy Krystal - Makeup Extraordinaire  

D'Miya Madison - America's Thrift Marketing Specialist