#SelfieSeries | Vol. 1

#SelfieSeries | Vol. 1




  1. a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media. - Webster  

Yep, sounds about right.

A few years ago, Snapchat completely changed the selfie game. Somehow (very impressively), SC shifted from the "cheating bf" app, to the "I can post as many selfies as I want and not get unfollowed" app. Lets face it, NO ONE wants to see your face everyday on their timeline, no matter how cute your hair is. 

Snapchat then changed the game AGAIN when they released their face filters. Now you can be a mermaid, your favorite animal, or even replace your eyes with your lips (a little weird, but we did it anyway). 

What does your favorite filter say about you?

I asked a few baddies that I follow on the 'Gram what filters are their faves, and here is what they had to say! 

The Butterfly Effect

"It's literally #BlackGirlMagic"

In order: Left to Right, Top to Bottom

  1.  @immellayella | "I love the butterfly filter because it makes my lips look great. And also because I would consider myself a social butterfly."
  2. @creoenladanza | "This SnapChat filter is my favorite because I love the glow it gives my skin and it makes me feel like royalty" 
  3.  @kabxox | "I love this filter bc it's literally black girl magic; look at that GLOW!"
  4. @qu333 | "It's my favorite because it makes you glow!"
  5. @LeRatchetEb | "I love this filter because it makes everything about me magical, the butterflies are my personal halo & like Chance said, "Wear your halo like a hat, that's like the latest fashion."
  6. @gabrielle_ke | "I like this filter because of the popping highlight it gives whether you have makeup on or not."

Animal Farm

"It explains my love life. The end."

  1. @kryss_cole (dat's me) | "*cues Gucci Mane* "I love this filter because it's like a window into my love life. The end."
  2. @jdhyder | "I love the dog filter because it can be fun and flirty at the same time. Plus, my cat obviously loves it lol."
  3. @brianaaa17 | "This is my favorite SC filter , because it looks so cute, and innocent just like me!"
  4. @colormesaw | "This filter NEVER FAILS ME!"
  5. @hellopretty12 | "Because I'm in love with puppies!"
  6. @rachelisabellaw | "The deer is my fav because it gives you cute big eyes and the voice changes! Like, why wouldn't you like this high-pitched, cute little face?! lol" 

Flower Child

"It's capturing a girl from the hood with Hollywood potential"

  1. @ThyRealTKay | "This is my favorite SnapChat filter because for one, the flower filter is EVERYTHING...but I would have to say that this picture is my favorite because its capturing a girl from the hood with Hollywood potential and showing my supporters and fellow snappers that I'm happy & that they should be happy as well & smile more no matter where they are in life right now!!!"
  2. @chellybw | "Of course my favorite SnapChat filter is the flower crown, mainly because I feel like I am a new age flower child."

Makeup on Fleek 

"#SNATCHED honey!"

  1. @dimplesss | "This is my favorite SC filter bc it really brings out my contour and highlight that I work so hard on. Lol."
  2. @kaydanjeff | "I'm not sure what this filter is called , but it's the filter that literally snatches your face! #SNATCHED honey!" 

Independent Women

"My highlight looks flawless!"

  1. @KingBre13 | "This is my favorite filter because it makes the eyes pop and my highlight looks flawless!"
  2. @jmphilli | "I love this filter because it enhances the natural lighting that was already there lol. You can tell the sun was really shining that day!"

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xoxo, kryss